5 Types of Posts that Go Viral and How to Build Them

The best way to build informative content in the SEO industry, for example, is to keep a tab on the latest developments in the search space and reader other’s point of view across popular SEO blogs.

Informative/Educational Content

Why It Goes Viral: While the Internet blogs are teeming with information on advanced technology, they only seem to help the advanced learners. There are quite a few SEO professionals out there that are new to the industry and looking for blogs that are designed for the beginners.

How to Build Informative Content: To being with, building really useful and educational content, one needs to be well-versed with one’s niche industry and have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Moreover, a lot of your potential audience really appreciates analytical content that offers a whole new perspective to the readers.

The best way to build informative content in the SEO industry, for example, is to keep a tab on the latest developments in the search space and reader other’s point of view across popular SEO blogs. This will help you develop your very own ideas and perspective which you can share with your audience on your blog.

More often than not, blog posts on SEO fundamentals and search history help many within your audiences to learn the basics of SEO. If your analysis is in-depth and fresh, it will strike a chord with your readers.

Example: http://seo-contentwriter.com/blog/keyword-research/

Breaking News Content

Why It Goes Viral: The SEO industry is evolving quite dramatically with leading search engines announcing major changes to their algorithms every now and then. Besides, a lot of experimentations are also being carried out by search firms like Moz and SEJ which bring many new search theories to light. The search industry eagerly waits for those revelations to be made from time and time and this is why breaking news content tends to go more viral than others.

How to Build Breaking News Content: The best way to build breaking news content is to stay on the top of the industry news updates. You can set up Google alerts for specific search terms and change the setting to “real time” in order to get notified about the news as and when it occurs. Similarly, you can follow the tweets from major search professionals and search firms to stay updated on the real-time events and announcements. This can be a great source of breaking news content for your blog on a regular basis, and establish yourself as an authority in the niche.

Example: http://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-panda-update-is-rolling-out-this-one-is-more-finely-targeted-167219

Myth Busting Content

What It Goes Viral: The SEO industry is full of myths and a lot of professionals still rely on assumptions rather than reality while developing their SEO strategies. Therefore, there’s a great scope for busting their myths and enlightening them on the realities and guiding them in the right direction. Myth busting articles can be empowering and establish you as a thought leadership. These posts tend to catch the fancy of your audience almost immediately as the message is easy to digest and act upon.

How to Build Myth Busting Content: The best way to figure out myths the SEO industry is awash with is to participate across popular SEO discussion forums and pick out the queries as a building block. Similarly, visiting some of the popular Q&A forums such as Quora can also help generate ideas to build myth busting content.

Example: http://seo-contentwriter.com/blog/5-article-marketing-myths-that-can-kill-your-campaign/

Curated Content

Why It Goes Viral: There’s a lot developing in the SEO space which it gives rise to countless posts each with a different take. Each and every day, the blogosphere is flooded with countless insightful rants and equal number of counter comments. This makes it even more difficult for the busy SEO professionals to keep a tab on. Therefore, they always appreciate posts that act more like an information mash-up of relevant industry updates.

How to Build Curated Content: In order to build curated content, you need to keep track of the posts that reveal something important about the SEO industry and classify it as such. Maintaining a spreadsheet with all the links to the posts and then categorizing it under different niche topics will help you refer to it whenever you build a blog post and want to include a link to support a viewpoint. The links could be related to an infographic or a video or just a quote. By curating your content, you’re in a better position to put them together as an information mash-up which will be extremely useful for your niche audience.

Example: http://seo-contentwriter.com/blog/future-of-seo/

Best Practices Content

Why It Goes Viral: Best practices are the definitive source of learning trade secrets. They are presented after due research and development and written after due observation of consistent results. Oftentimes, the beginners in the SEO industry tend to get misled by the abundance of information that is created around guesswork and assumption. Therefore, they rely more on resources that share best practices in specific segments of the industry.

How to Build Best Practices Content: One has to really spend considerable amount of time in a specific discipline to come up with their own set of best practices. One really needs to know what one’s talking about in order establish authority. If you’ve spent a great deal of time in a specific industry and specialize in particular niche, you can share your observations based on research and developments with conclusive proof.

Example: http://seo-contentwriter.com/blog/article-writing-best-practices-after-panda-updates/

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