How to Address the Queries of Your Non-SEO Savvy Clients – 4 Examples

The SEO industry has grown and evolved quite dramatically

The SEO industry has grown and evolved quite dramatically over the past few years. As a SEO services provider, you meet a lot of clients online, address their queries on a daily basis. However, sometimes, it’ really tough to address the queries of some non-tech savvy clients that don’t know much about SEO. While it’s really hard to explain how SEO benefits their business, you don’t want to give up on them. Therefore, patience is the key. Here are four examples of how I’ve personally dealt with a client who was very specific about how much he wanted to invest in SEO. Hope this helps:

Client: What is the difference between links and keywords!

Answer: Keywords are what your prospective customers would type into Google search engine to find you. If, for example, they look for “shared hosting services” on Google, your website should be able to rank well for this keyword, so that your visitors find your website and contact you.

Links are what Google considers seriously before ranking your website for any specific keyword. For example, if your website has 1000 backlinks from various online sources for the keyword “shared hosting services”, Google is likely to rank your website higher than your competitors. This is very critical to getting new customers, as many websites offering similar services, usually compete with your websites for similar keywords. Therefore, it all boils down to the quality of your SEO campaign and both quality & volume of your link portfolio. Because Google tends to take these factors seriously to show your website higher up on its result pages for specific search queries.

Client: Why do we have to build links? Please, tell me the difference and advantagesdisadvantages of doing each. We would be providng shared hosting services to begin with moving onto cloud and dedicated server hosting.

Answer: Technically, your website should be able to rank higher on Google result pages so your customers can find you, and not your competitors when they use the keywords related to your services. To make sure that your website achieve better higher visibility over your competitors, you need to SEO optimize your website to make it Google-friendly. Of many tactics followed to make your website Google-friendly, link building is considered the most important. In fact, link building is the bare minimum if you want your website to be visible to your customers for business-critical keywords such as shared hosting services.

There are’t specific advantages or disadvantages of any services as such; they are just different types of campaigns your can choose from. From an SEO Vendor standpoint, I would say you should go for Keyword Rankings more than Link Building. This is because you can keep a check on the performances of the keywords and the traffic to your websites which will indicate if the SEO vendor you’re spending your money on, is actually offering quality SEO services.

Client: If Im looking for key words like hosting, webhosting, web hosting, web, shared hosting, shared, dedicated hosting, dedicated, business hosting, business webhosting, simple hosting, simplehosting, simple webhosting, simple web hosting

Answer: These are extremely competitive keywords for a brand-new website like yours.

Client: How long would it take for our site to appear as no.1 and on first page? How much would it cost?

Answer: It depends on how much you want to invest in SEO. If you invest low it might take a year; with higher investment, it might take less. Trust me, SEO is less about money, more about patience. Clients who understand SEO know they have to wait at least six months for their efforts to bear fruit. The same holds true for off-line advertising landscape as well.

When it comes a brand-new website like yours, I’d prefer to choose less competitive keywords to begin with and continue with them for the first six months. When your website ranks higher for them, you should go for more competitive keywords like the ones you have mentioned above. It’s the best strategy.

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