How to Hire a Content Writing Agency in India

From the perspective of a US company looking for an Indian content writing firm for long-term partnership, it is extremely essential to consider a wide range of options before they commit themselves to a strategic relationship. Here are a few of them for your consideration

The US economy has slightly recovered from the recession and online businesses have started looking for strategic partners in India to outsource their SEO and content writing assignments in bulk. Even as it sounds quite positive, many businesses are still wary about making the right choice for a long-term relationship with Indian SEO content writing firms.

The SEO content writing industry has changed quite dramatically in the past couple of years. Since our inception back in 2007, we have seen a great deal of changes in the requirements of our clients looking for content writing services. The reasons can be attributed to Google Panda updates as much as the changing business dynamics in a competitive online marketing landscape.

From the perspective of a US company looking for an Indian content writing firm for long-term partnership, it is extremely essential to consider a wide range of options before they commit themselves to a strategic relationship. Here are a few of them for your consideration:

What’s Their Best Price for Bulk Orders?

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with an SEO content writing firm, it is extremely important to settle down for the most competitive price possible, especially when you’re outsourcing bulk content writing assignments. In reality, there’s no fixed industry rate when it comes to content writing unless you’re looking at choosing a full-time freelancer as an option. Still, when you go for a professional and experienced content writing firm, you have to pay that extra dollar to achieve better quality and professional treatment to your requirements.

Depending on the volume of your order and budget, search for a content writing firm that best suits your budget priorities. Some companies are pretty discreet about their prices whereas others are pretty vocal. For example, we offer our Article Writing Services at flat rate of $5 per article for bulk orders. However, don’t let the cost be your top priority – more often than not, companies with the lowest price model tends to compromise the quality aspect. Therefore, you’re unlikely to get good deals working with them. Contact us to learn more about competitive price in content writing.

Are They Consistent with the Quality?

The most challenging aspect of working with a content writing firm is the consistency in quality. When you’re looking for outsourcing your content writing assignments to an Indian content writing firm, you don’t want them to be inconsistent with the content quality down the line. This generally happens when you don’t have any idea of the teams working on your projects and whether they have considerable experience working in the content writing industry. Ideally, your vendor company should allow you to choose their writers for your projects once and then continue to employ them going forward. But, unfortunately, this usually doesn’t happen in many cases.

Be extremely particular about who is working on your projects, if you want to see consistent quality across the entire span of the project. Not sure how to do this? Let us help you.

Are They Committed Enough in the Long-run?

Many content writing companies tend to take their clients for granted as the time passes by and they grow in size acquiring more clients. When you’re partnering with a content writing firm in India, make sure they remain committed enough throughout the span of your projects. Clearly, you can’t afford to hire an auditor or police the content yourself on a regular  basis; this is why the company you hire should be ethically upright and professional enough to treat your projects with the same priority right through the entire duration of your projects. In short, consider hiring a content writing firm only when they appear committed enough for a long-term relationship. If possible, don’t hesitate to ask for a couple of client references to establish their credibility.

Are They Ready to Compensate You for the Delay?

No matter how committed your vendor is, occasional hitches are a part and parcel of working with a company on a long-term basis. After all, they employ some human writers (not robots) to work on your projects, right? However, a professional content writing firm makes sure the delays don’t recur too often and become a part of their regular practice. Frequent delays can cost your company critical dollars and worse, may result in the losses at your end. Therefore, under no circumstance should you allow your vendors to resort to excuses for not delivering your projects in time.

One of the best ways to protect your interests is to add a conditional clause to your annual agreement with the vendor company. For instance, the vendor company should agree to charge a dollar less per article in the unlikely delay in the deliverables by an entire week. This should keep them on their toes and committed to deadlines.

Do They Understand Your Requirements Properly?

Nothing affects your content quality quite like a poor communication process. When multiple writers are working on your assignments, each one may have specific questions and approach to writing your content. Unless they understand your requirements correctly, you’re unlikely to achieve the best results. Make sure there’s a dedicated account manager who understands your requirements properly. It could be a project manager having substantial experiences in managing a team of writers or someone servicing similar clients in the past. Unless you take care of this delicate aspect of hiring a content writing firm, you’re more likely to regret making the wrong choice.

What’s more? What else would you like to add to the above points?

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