5 Qualities of a Rock Star Freelance Writer

It’s no secret that content drives every SEO campaign.

It’s no secret that content drives every SEO campaign. But, bad content might as well take all your SEO efforts downwards and leave you nowhere. Therefore, it’s critical to choose writers that know what they are doing. There are hundreds of thousands freelance writes available across freelancer forums waiting for potential webmasters like you. Hence, finding one for your needs doesn’t have to be a difficult job for you. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

Having worked with over 100 freelance writers in India over the years, we have empowered ourselves with the do’s and don’ts of hiring a freelance writer.

As Google has become tougher with low quality content with their recent Panda Updates, hiring the right freelance writer for your project has become all the more important. For example, don’t go for a freelancer simply because they offer the lowest bid or great samples. Hiring a freelance writer is just much more than that. You want to hire someone who is ready to work with you on a long-term basis, someone who knows your business, your industry and the dynamics of SEO content writing. So how would you determine the best fit for your projects? Here is a list of traits to match your prospective hire against. If you are a freelance writer, make sure you work on the following skills in order to remain hireable in a competitive scenario.


Professionalism is a key aspect of hiring a freelance writer. More often than not, freelance writers, especially that are inexperienced, will take you for granted. Professional freelance writers won’t overestimate themselves and stick to the ethics. They will commit themselves to a project only when they feel they can do justice to it and are available enough to focus on the project the way it deserves. From a freelance writer standpoint, being honest and upfront not only saves your time but also establish your belief in them. From a client’s point of view, you’re more likely to go back to a professional writer in future when you need to hire freelance writing services.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery is a concern for many, especially when you hire freelance writers that work remotely. Disregarding the deadlines, whether intentional or innocent, can cause irreparable losses to clients business. A freelance writer must take deadlines seriously, to not only improve their credibility but also ensure their clients SEO campaigns run unaffected.


When you work remotely without the direct supervision of your employer, the only thing that assures them is your constant communication and prompt response. If you don’t respond to their queries quickly enough or delay in sending your queries related to a project, you essentially do their business a great disservice. A freelance writer is supposed to be responsive in communication and be reachable when the client needs them.


Writing is all about creativity. As a freelancer, you may not have access to great on the job training imparted at a full-time job, but you still must improve your creative writing skills or become jobless. In SEO content writing, you need to constantly come up with creative thoughts in order to adapt to the content requirements to an entirely different business vertical. Therefore, it is important that you stay updated on the various areas of writing.

Creativity also means you need to take your skills to the next level gradually. For instance, if you have been writing articles for a particular industry (say technology) for a while, you must also learn how to write an e-book or a press release if the situation demands it. Anticipating it and preparing yourself accordingly may stand you in good stead. For freelancer writers, it is important to read the different press releases on PR Web to acquaint themselves with the standard press release writing patterns and style of language or presentations.


Loyalty is a great trait of a rock star freelance writer. It is important to be loyal to your client with their confidentiality clauses. The more you develop your loyalty, the more likely it is for them to offer better work and wages. It is indeed very difficult to find a loyal freelance writer in today’s world. Therefore, it is your great chance to develop a great long-term relationship with your potential vendor.

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