4 Article Writing Tips to Beat the SEO Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is an infamously popular phrase in every

Writer’s block is an infamously popular phrase in every writer’s lexicon. Every once in a while every writer will face this problem. Moreover, if you belong to the SEO industry and have a truckload of article/blogs to write on a daily basis, you’re twice as much more likely to stumble upon this unwanted phase. This is because an SEO writer operates within the established parameters set by the clients based on their specific promotional requirements.

Following are some writing tips and writing techniques that may help you beat your writer’s block:

Read, Read, and Read: An SEO content writer must keep abreast of the ongoing developments in the industry to find fresh and updated topics to write on. When it comes to your audience, there are few takers for old wine offered in a new bottle.

You need to find out new things in the SEO industry to write about. This is why it is almost indispensable for an SEO writer to set aside some hours to read new research data and jot down thoughts to create content on a daily basis.

Transcribe Podcast: You will find loads of great podcasts which you can use in writing about new ideas when you hit the writer’s block. But always listening to a podcast doesn’t mean that you have to transcribe verbatim. You can simply jot down the thoughts that come to your mind while listening to the conversation and later use it in your content. Whether it is an interview or just a description, for example, of a new SEO product, you always have an interesting way to present it to your audience.

Transcribe Videos: Watching related videos on YouTube can be a great way to beat your writer’s block. When you don’t feel like writing, you might want to log on to YouTube or any other video website that has a great deal of video content related to your niche. While watching a video helps you relax, you get new and fresh ideas to write about, in the process.

Google It: As an SEO writer, you must constantly try for innovating things within your industry. Most of the times, we come up with certain questions, for which we never find the suitable answers. Try searching for new ideas on Google using a wide range of search queries. You may come across quite a few interesting aspects of your searched topics to write about. Allocate a few hours every week towards finding new innovations, developments and news within your industry. The information will come to your rescue when the writer’s block starts scaring you.

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