4 Article Writing Techniques to Drive Relevant Traffic

Articles that carry substantial and unique information tend to go down well with classified visitors. And, if truth be told, 100 classified visits to your article carry much more value than 1000 views by generic traffic. Let me share some unique article writing techniques.

Among many article marketing myths which cease to vanish is the one that comes to my mind: writing and submitting articles consistently brings your results. Thousands of articles are being posted to major article directories on a daily basis, yet very few of them are actually read by their targeted visitors. Why?

Because many article marketers lack focus or don’t have a strategy in place. Worse, they write just to add volume and not to inform the visitors or provide them with genuine information.

A simple analysis of why some articles get more views than others will reveal the secrets. Articles that carry substantial and unique information tend to go down well with classified visitors. And, if truth be told, 100 classified visits to your article carry much more value than1000 views by generic traffic.

How does it work? How do you make certain your articles get read by classified visitors? Let’s discuss:

Write on Trending Topics

One of the effective article writing techniques which drive relevant traffic to your articles is picking trending topics to write on. Typically, your targeted visitors are divided into two parts: the ones who search advanced information within your niche and the ones who are looking for fundamental information on your topics.

You can always offer relevant information to the first segment your targeted visitors by making your articles relevant to most advanced topics. The needs of the second segment visitors can be catered by writing some how-to tips articles. Also with different types of categories you can target and maintain a perfect balance between both segments of your targeted visitors.

How do I find out which are the trending topics in my industry? Well, with the emergence of social medial tools such as Twitter, you shouldn’t be working overtime to establish a set of topics that you can plan to write on across the weekends. Better still, read what is being written about by leading bloggers within your industry.

While taking cue to develop topics ensure that the topic must stay relevant not only to the current time, but also to your industry. You can easily find out what people in your industry are most interested to learn simply by checking out the Google Trends. Also it always helps you to come up with better and more relevant content for your article marketing.

Brainstorm Your Headlines

Many article writers never care about the headlines they create for their articles. Well, you might have done a great deal of research on your topics but unless you spare enough time on your titles, you’re more likely to come up with some run-of-the-mill headlines that will fail to catch the fancy of your readers. Make your headlines read more thought-provoking, appealing and trending without comprising on the keyword compliance. Sometimes, even slightly longer headlines attract more eyeballs and attention span. Although this is one of the key article writing techniques, many fail to offer as much importance to this point.

Begin Very Well

Well begun is half the battle won. You can’t sustain the attention span of your visitors unless your first paragraph maintains relevance to headline. Moreover, if your first 100 words don’t say anything new, important, factual or interesting, your visitors, at least most of your visitors, won’t carry on with the rest of your article. Just like the headlines, you need to put as much efforts to make your first 100 words as interesting, relevant, factual and fresh as possible. One thing that actual works like magic is to start your first paragraph with some quotable statistics from reliable industry sources. An excellent first paragraph is one of the most surefire article writing techniques practiced by popular article writers.

Back the Points with Stats

If you have observed successful article writers or bloggers, they always prefer backing their points with industry statistics that are tested and proven. Your visitors are more likely to accept your tips if they are supported by real statistics. Depending on the topics you write, you need to spend some time doing research on top ten news pieces within your industry. You can for instance, search the topics on Google News to know the recent developments within your industry. Once again, Twitter can be used as an effective tool to gather relevant statistics based on your topics. Just make sure you use a variety of keywords with hashtags while doing your research on Twitter. Even the most successful bloggers use Twitter as one of the useful article writing techniques.

Driving classified traffic to your articles is not simple, especially when your articles compete with hundreds of article writers and bloggers. However, by following the above article writing techniques, you are definitely going to increase your odds of being viewed by targeted visitors.

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