Will SEO in 2012 be More Social and Less Robotic?

As per SEO pundits, content freshness and social signals are going to be the key to SEO in 2012. Therefore, ranking higher will mean writing fresh valuable content more frequently and then improving social traction.

I just read an article that says SEO, particularly the conventional link building techniques are going to be obsolete going forward. Why? Because Google has dramatically changed its algorithms to make their search results more human and less robotic. Consider this: Unlike the yesteryear, Google now considers the following to evaluate your web presence:

• Social Signals
• Local Listings
• Panda Compliance

Another article written by Mashable echoes similar thoughts about the future of SEO practices. SEO is no longer a search engine driven promotional technique – it is now based on human experiences now, and the future of SEO is going to be increasingly more social and human.

Both the articles predict a paradigm shift in the way we will need to practice SEO in the near future. The future of SEO will change dramatically and require a completely new approach in order to gain marketing momentum. So what are the essential aspects of SEO in 2012?

Local SEO Optimization

Mashable.com strongly suggests the webmasters to take care of local optimization factors including Citations and Consumer Reviews. Citations essentially ensure that your accurate business information is listed across reputable Internet sources with a consistent business and location entry. For example, if your business is known as Top League Technologies, Bhubaneswar on Google Places and Top League Tech on other sources, then it might considered inconsistent by Google.

Likewise, Consumers reviews are going to be critical to your online presence as well. Apart from reviews from Google Places, it makes a lot of sense to get favorable reviews from Yelp or Trip Advisor.

Organic Content Development

Google Panda has come down hard on duplicate and spammed content practices. In the last couple of months, Google has demonstrated a ruthless approach to devalue duplicate, spammed, spun or scrapped content across its database. If this is any indication, the future of SEO is going to be all about organic content development. Guest blogging is already a hit, but there are other methods of generating content that is organic and Google panda compliant. Writing content with social aspects in mind will go a long way.

Moreover, the future of SEO will look at the concept of “Keyword Optimization” in a whole new way. While choosing your keywords, think of what people are going to enter as their search queries rather than what Keyword Analysis tool says. Of course, the data from your keyword analysis tools is important, but Google is going to emphasize a lot on the social value of your content, and not much less on the keyword optimization.

Social Signals

Google has already taken social signals seriously because social networks have overshadowed the influence of search engines. Google has also introduced personalized search which ranks the social content higher than anything else. Get ready to see it evolve quietly dramatically as we enter 2012. So, you should not only share your content on Facebook Twitter and Google+, but also build on your social presence strategically.

So are you ready for the Future of SEO?

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  1. Indian Seo Company

    The future of Seo is really going to be social and not robotic. As the sites will be more visible by human and less by crawlers. Very informative blog. thanks for sharing it.