5 Interview Tips for Content Writing Jobs in an SEO Company

Being an SEO company in India is not that

Being an SEO company in India is not that easy: you’re constantly nagged by problems that you can’t do anything about. One of such problems is hiring people for content writing jobs. This is what inspired us to write this post. At SEO-ContentWriter (now Top League Technologies), we’ve interviewed tons of candidates to figure out 5 areas where a prospective candidate for Content Writing jobs can make a difference. Here are they:

Customize Your Resume: Back in 2001, when call center and BPO jobs were new to India, I remember how applicants would be fussy about their resume and what they wrote on it was critical to getting a BPO job. For instance, people wouldn’t get a job in BPO companies if they showed they were over-qualified for the position or if they have a lot of experience that had nothing to do with the a BPO job profile they were applying to. So applicants would customize their resume to avoid being rejected in the first round, i.e short-listing of applications.

The same thing would apply to any content writing jobs in an SEO company. When you apply for the job, make sure your application stands out from the rest. In other words, let your resume reflect your potential as a strong contender for the position. Use it as a tool of making the first impression and include things that ARE relevant only to the content writing jobs. Moreover, you need to rename your resume properly to make it appear more professional. If the attached resume in your email reads “New Microsoft Office Word Document.doc”, it makes a very bad impression and puts your candidature in jeopardy.

Expose Your Samples: As a potential candidate for the content writing jobs, you should always include a sample of your previously written articles or any other documents with your resume. This allows the interviewers to get a first-hand look at your writing skill and short-list your for the next round. The best way to do it is to visit their website, call them up and ask them what their job profile entails. Include everything in your sample you think would get you closer to the job profile. You may want to get someone else check your sample before you send them to the interviewers. Include any links of your previously written articles and mention the date of publication to help them understand that you are a much better writer now.

Give Your Best Shot at the Written Test: Most interviews for Content Writing jobs would include a written test to evaluate your skills of writing at present. You may have had a great background in your profile, but unless your writing skills satisfy the needs of the interviewers, you candidature may be kept on hold or rejected. You may be offered a topic to write on, and that would be by using a computer. So in a way, they would like to see your ability to write on a computer in a time-bound manner. The best way to approach is to divide the topic into different sub-parts and write each part is 100 words.

Write a good introduction to the topic and a conclusion in 50 words each. Make sure there are no spelling errors left before you leave your sample test for evaluation. Proof-read it twice to ensure that it reads well to you and make necessary changes to make it read even better. This increases the chances of your article for being accepted.

Be Assertive During the Personal Interview: There are two sides of content writing job interviews; a written test and the personal interview. Each one has its own significance to the selection process. Sometimes, candidates that perform averagely in their written test are considered for the position. Why? Because they can instill the confidence in the interviewers that they can go from strength to strength if considered for the position. Tell them what you have got and how you can utilize your skills for the benefit of the organization in the long-run.

If you have done your home work on the company and their operations, it would be easier for you to convince them that you can do much more than just content writing in the long-run. Every company wants to see their employees go places and learn new skills rapidly. So this is a great opportunity for you to set yourself apart and get noticed.

Show Your Skills for a Better Compensation Package: When the interviewers feel you are worthy of being hired, they will enter the salary negotiation zone. If you happen to be a fresher, you need to stay relaxed and listen to the interviewers carefully. Usually, the interviewers design a compensation package for you based on your performance and potential you hold to the company. That’s why it is very important to be assertive during the personal interview round. Every company wants a future leader and they might be looking for the potential leadership in you. So don’t blow it just by assuming your written skills would get you hired.

Be logical during salary negotiation; cite reasonable reasons why you deserve a better package. For example, you could tell them that your previous experience in writing would help you write better content or your communication skills would help you become a great team lead. Let the interviewers know what you have got in you and what you deserve a certain salary for.

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