How to Help Content Successfully Address Search Intent

Being a content writer doesn’t always mean you have

Being a content writer doesn’t always mean you have to follow the established rules while crafting your copies. An ambitious and innovative copy writer always aims for offering solutions to specific problems rather than just fill the blank document for the heck of it. Each and every copy or article written by the writer should address the queries raised by the searchers. This is the most effective way to make a website’s content compliant with the latest algorithmic changes announced by Google of late. In other words, Google wants you to create content primarily for the real audience and then for the SEO purposes.

On the other hand, creating content for the real audience needs understanding of the behavior of your niche audience. The more you understand what they are searching for, the closer you can get to answer their queries and the more compliant your content gets with the Google Panda updates.

The Role of Studying Consumer Behavior in SEO Content Writing

Many people put a lot of emphasis on keyword analysis in order to establish the phrases that their niche audiences might be searching for. The logic behind such step is to use the keyword phrases strategically across the copies to help their pages appear on the top of SERPs. Such conventional SEO copy writing practices are usually beneficial in terms of driving traffic to a specific website. However, instead of focusing only on the keywords, if the SEO copywriters simply try to answer the most common queries within their niche industry, it would be of immense help to the searchers. Plus, it would add a great deal of credibility to the website or blog where such content is regularly published.

In order to ascertain what you need to write about, it is important to figure out what your niche audience is searching for. Often this information can be obtained via popular forums and social media discussion such as Facebook discussion, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn group discussions. These are the places where your niche audience partakes in serious discussions to find out the solutions. If you actively participate in those discussions across these platforms, you should be able to enlist a number of common query trends to address in your articles.

Therefore, the SEO copy writer needs to be really active across these platforms in order to understand the consumer behavior and write content that actually addresses some of their common queries.

Why Should You Understand The Online Audience?

Nearly 90% of the Internet searchers do not know what SEO stands for or dynamics of Google search algorithms. They turn to Google only to seek information with regards to the queries that often puzzle them. Similarly, very few Internet searchers know that their search queries follow a pattern which is perceived as a keyword by the search specialists. While search purists don’t believe optimizing content with targeted keywords are the best way to appropriately address the queries of the online searchers, many SEO companies don’t hesitate to abuse the keywords to drive niche traffic to the website. This is often categorized as an illegitimate practice in the natural search engine optimization industry.

In other words, going deeper into the psychology of the searchers and understanding the reason behind their search behavior can go a long way in developing content that actually answers their queries successfully. This is possible only when the SEO copy writers would try to establish a connection between the queries raised by users on forums and the relevant keywords used during their search queries.

When the connection is properly established, the SEO copy writers should take their time to conduct ample research and gather important information to write content that addresses the queries raised by the audience.

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