How to Use Facebook for Blog Promotion

Facebook presents a great opportunity for promoting your blog to your potential audience. Learning the tips and tricks of blog promotion on Facebook can help you take advantage of the opportunity. Learn how to create a Facebook Page and grow your a loyal audience for your blog.

So you have a blog you’re pretty proud of? Then show it off on the Social Web and promote it there. Social Web basically refers to the sum of all prime social platforms that offer your blog potential opportunity for promotion. Nothing comes to our mind quite like Facebook when we think of Social Web. Yes, if you want to attract new visitors to your blog, exploit Facebook to your advantage but with an effective strategy. Here are a few steps that will set you up nicely:

Create Facebook Fan Page

The first step to using Facebook to promote your blog is creating a Facebook fan page. Just visit and follow the steps to create a fan page for your blog. The steps are pretty straight forward and easy to follow until you create fan page for your blog. A fan page helps you get immediate attention from other Facebook users and create brand awareness for your blog quickly. After creating your fan page, don’t forget to fill in the spaces with necessary info and details of your blog. This creates a sense of care you have towards your potential followers on Facebook.

Add Facebook Social Plugin

Thanks to Facebook plugin developers, you can add a plugin on your blog to let your visitors know about your Facebook fan page. Just install the plugin on your blog, activate it and then you go! Every time a new visitor visits your blog, they can see the Facebook fan page on your blog and can click on it to become a fan of your Facebook page. This not only helps promote your blog’s brand awareness, but also increase your fan count, which can be leveraged from time to time.

Suggest Your Page to Friends

Facebook allows you to promote your Facebook page to your other friends on Facebook. Just visit your Facebook page and click on the ‘Suggest to Friends’ option available on the left-hand panel of the page. A box appears with all the friends you have on Facebook. You can choose your friends whom you want to suggest the page. Always remember to add a personalized message requesting their feedback on your page. This creates a professional approach before you suggest them to visit your page. This way, they are more likely to like your page and even add it to their favorite page as well.

Usually, Facebook allows you to have a unique URL when your page reaches 25 likes. So try and get the initial likes by suggesting your page to your close friends on Facebook.

Write Interactive Descriptions

Now that you have a Facebook page, you need to update it with fresh content as frequently as you can. Make it a point to write one useful and research-oriented post daily and then update it on your Facebook page. While updating your page, make sure you write an interactive paragraph introducing the post to your fans. This will create an opportunity for them to respond to the post with their thoughts and comments. Research shows an interactive update is more likely to work on your Facebook page than a bland sentence with no appeal to your fans.

Remember, your fans are your core asset and you must offer updates that serve their interests rather than only yours. Therefore, sometimes you need to offer links that have value to your fans whether or not they are related to your website. However, you can do that once in a while.

Update Your Page Regularly

A Facebook page is like a platform where you invite your guests to share your thoughts with them. So if you don’t show up every once in a while, they will most likely leave the platform soon. It is important to update your page regularly to keep them interested and occupied with your page. Throw some questions, ask their suggestions on certain things or share some industry statistics that they have never seen before. This will keep them interested in your page and they will find a reason to stick to your page or suggest it to their friends. Never abandon your fans, they tend to follow suit.

These are our thoughts on how we manage our Facebook fan page for SCW. If you have more thoughts, please share them on the comment sections. For more updates, please join our Facebook page.

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