4 Reasons Why Your Visitors Rarely Convert and How to Fix It

Your website is designed well for the eyes, but is it optimized well enough for helping your visitors into making buying decisions? Before you attract traffic to your website, make sure your website is optimized to address all questions of your prospective visitors. Read this post to explore the potential errors webmasters make to lose their would-be customers to the competition and how you can prevent this from happening to your website.

So you have worked really hard to improve your CTR (click through rate) but are still struggling with a low conversion rate?

Well, then it’s time to take a close look at the potential pitfalls of your website that prevent your potential customers from converting easily.

The prospective customers are a sensitive lot – they want to get all the information they are looking for in order to make a quick decision. But your website is not designed to help them find the information quickly enough. They struggle with it, give up and move on to the next website on their list (read the competition).

Don’t let any silly errors stop a potential customer from converting into paying customer.

If you want to discover those potential errors and fix them, read on…

No Access to Quick Quote Form

Quick Quote Form is an easy and effective customer outreach tool that lets your prospective buyers get in touch with you on the fly. It’s generally place in the right hand sidebar of your service pages so the visitors can immediately request a quote no matter which page they are browsing on your website.

If you don’t have a quick quote form on your website, you make it challenging and time-consuming for the potential buyer to reach out to you and place a request. This can frustrate many visitors that are willing to raise a query with you immediately.

Placing a quick quote form conveniently and strategically can encourage and motivate prospects that may otherwise leave your website.

If your website is built on WordPress platform, you can build a quick quote or standard quote form very easily by using Ninja Forms plugin.

No Access to Contact Page

Contact Page on your website is one of the most important pages that entice your would-be customers to quickly contact you so they could get information on your products and services.

It presents an opportunity to generate leads and boost conversion. However, if you don’t place a contact us page right where it’s easily visible to your visitors, then you may potentially be losing out on the golden opportunity to make a sale or earn a customer.

Remember, from a visitor’s point of view, “If it’s not visible, it doesn’t exist”.

No Empathy for Customers

Sometimes, the visitors at your website may not get what they are looking for. At a physical store, you have an opportunity to learn what the customer is looking by interacting with him face to face, but on your website, you have do it with the help of a call to action.

This is a great way to empathize with the visitors and address their concerns. This simple step can save a prospective customer from leaving your website and move on to another website to search what they are looking for.

No Test Drive Opportunity

You think your product is great and the price is unbeatable. But wait, it may not be strong enough a reason for your prospective customers to buy your products.

The customer has a right to be skeptic about the promises you’ve made. He wants to test drive your products before committing to a long-term relationship. Give them a trial offer and they are most likely to convert into a paying customer moving forward if they find your product satisfactory.

If you website doesn’t offer a trial offer for a specific period of time, you may be losing out on a potential client acquisition opportunity.

Hope these points will help you take a look at your website with a fresh perspective and make it more compelling for your visitors.

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