4 Untold Secrets of Captivating Product Descriptions

Writing compelling product descriptions is the only way to get more potential customers interested in your products. In this post, I’m going to share with you some tips, tricks and best practices of writing product descriptions that are SEO-friendly and persuasive enough for your prospective customers.

As a copywriter, I know writing product descriptions is tougher than crafting sales copies.

Product descriptions need to be compelling enough to draw the customer’s attention and lead them to take a positive action. It’s as if you were selling a product via Twitter – 140 characters are all you have to make an impact on your prospective customers.
So, as a copywriter, what are the best practices in writing product descriptions?

Let’s take a look:

Learn the Product Inside Out

Knowing the product inside out is the critical part of writing a compelling (and credible) description for the product.

But how do I write description for a product that I’ve never used first hand?

The truth is many copywriters don’t really have the privilege to use the product in order to write the copy. However, they conduct an in-depth research on the industry and products to develop a deeper understanding.

No matter what the product is, you need to have the following info about the product:

  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • Materials
  • Price

Indeed, it is important to learn the materials that are used in the product and the process followed to manufacture it. It helps you connect with the product at a deeper level even though you haven’t used it yourself.

Understand Your Buyers

Every product is unique. So is every demography.

It’s important to understand your target audience or prospective customers in order to craft product descriptions that address their emotional needs adequately.

One of the best ways to do this is by paying attention to the product reviews written by customers on popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon. You get to understand the minute aspects of the product they are talking about. Moreover, it will help you understand what your prospective customers should expect from the product and design your description in a way that addresses those aspects effectively.

Use Power Words

Writing product descriptions is much more than just explaining the specifics of the product. It’s about saying it in a way that resonates with your prospective buyers.

There’s one way to do it – describe the product in compelling detail. Use strong nouns, descriptive adjectives and vivid verbs. Explain the product to create a picture in your customers’ mind.

Feel free to break the rules of grammar. Write in small sentences. Use brevity. Make your content readable. Think of users reading your copy on mobile devices. Use short sentences – 12 words per sentence is a good practices, according to Neil Patel.

Remove redundant words; write tightly. Make your copy coherent.

Clarity of thoughts is the key. Speak less, mean more.

Define the Product Like Poetry

Your potential customers include people who want to really know different technical details about the product and how they benefit them. Knowing the technical details will help establish authority and enhance trust among the visitors. What details can you use to showcase your manufacturing process and the quality of your product? Include figures and be as specific as possible.

What are the techniques you deploy while writing product descriptions? Let me know in the comment section below.

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