SEO Training in Bhubaneswar

The most reliable, comprehensive and job-oriented SEO Training in Bhubaneswar.


Our SEO Training is on hold at the moment. Therefore, We’re not accepting any applications for SEO Training at this point.

With the advancement in the Information Technology and massive use of the Internet, more and more businesses are turning to online marketing and social media campaigns to promote their business to their potential online audience. These companies constantly look out to hire trained and experience SEO professionals to further their marketing efforts from time to time. If you’re not trained as a digital marketer, you may lose out on such potential career opportunities. Operational since 2008, we’ve trained over a hundred professionals in Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

SEO Training Details

Course Duration: 36 Sessions (Each Session Being 4 Hours)

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000

Course Module – What Will You Learn?

The following is just an outline of what the SEO course entails. Our actually course module is more in-depth.

Training Infrastructure

You will get the most ideal training environment possible. We’re adequately equipped with the training infrastructure to support our training program.

SEO Training Tools

We provide you with all the necessary course materials in digital formats, i.e., PDF.

Is There any Placement Guarantee?

Frankly, we don’t have a clear answer to that.

Our SEO training is aimed at enabling you to grab the potential SEO job opportunities in Bhubaneswar and across the country. It also helps you to start your career as a Freelance SEO Consultant. However, you have a real opportunity to find a job here in our own company if you finish the training successfully.

Hence, while we don’t promise to help you find a placement in any other SEO company, there’s a good chance that we might hire you full-time at the end of the training.

Will I Get Any Training/Experience Certificate?

Yes. All our trainees will be given a certificate by the company at the end of the course.

Will There Be Any Test for Certification?

No. We don’t conduct any test as such. However, we audit your performance on a weekly basis and let you know whether you’re right on track or falling behind. This offers the candidates ample insight.

We believe the best SEO training lies in getting the first-hand knowledge on the subject. And, it’s possible when you actually get to work on projects. Therefore, the course is designed to help you spend most of your time on working on real projects to learn the practical aspects of SEO and Social Media.

Objective of the SEO Training: Our digital marketing is designed for anyone looking to kick-start a career in the Internet Marketing business. We aim to educate, enable and empower you with every nuance of digital marketing to make you industry-ready for the jobs. Unlike any other institutes in Bhubaneswar, we only take 4-5 candidates per batch to ensure focused training and skill developments.

Experienced Training Staff: Our trainers have over 8 years of professional experience in the SEO industry and over 10 years of experience in the IT industry in general. We’re equipped with the knowledge and experience to train candidates for the SEO industry and we have only become better since our inception.

How to Get Started

Please, complete the registration form below with your name, email address and phone number, and we will get back in touch with you soon.