Business Promotion on Facebook Page

Promote your business to over 70.000 active Facebook users in Bhubaneswar

Have you ever considered promoting your business/product/services to over 70,000 active Facebook users in Bhubaneswar?

You’re more likely to acquire potential leads when your ads are promoted to a large number of Facebook users living in the same location where you wish to sell your services.

Promoting your business on Facebook is one of the quickest way to boost your sales. However, creating a Facebook Page and building relevant fan base can be a time-consuming affair.

If you are looking to advertise your products/services/events to relevant users in Bhubaneswar, we can help you with that.

How Does It Work?

We promote your ads message on our popular Facebook page(s) thereby, allowing your ads to reach to large number of relevant and potential customers.

Once you buy one of our packages, send us the content via email, and we will publish or schedule the ad and send a confirmation as soon as it’s live. It’s that simple!

Take a look the following packages and choose the one that suits your needs or budget.

Standard Package


  • Ad on Facebook Page: Yes
  • Advertorial on Website: No
  • Number of Promotions: Once
  • Ad Content: Provided by You

    Premium Package


  • Ad on Facebook Page: Yes
  • Advertorial on Website: Yes
  • Number of Promotions: Once
  • Ad Content: Provided by You

    Features Explained

    Ad on Facebook Page: We will share your ad on our Facebook Page. You make the best use of the space as per strategy requirements.

    Advertorial on Website: We will publish any full-length promotional content (article/blog posts) on our website for our website visitors. Then we will promote it on our Facebook Page.

    Number of Promotions: The ad will be promoted on our Facebook Page only once per package. However, you can contact us for a custom package if you want to publish it multiple times.

    Ad Content: In both packages, you will have to provide us with the ad content which may include text, images, videos or links. You’re responsible for the accuracy of the content although we may suggest improvement before publishing the same.

    Is There any Discount?

    Yes. If you buy any of the above mentioned packages in multiples, you will get discounts on our prices. Our discount offers stand as follows:

    • 10% Discount: If you buy 2 posts
    • 15% Discount: If you buy 3 posts
    • 20% Discount: If you buy 4 posts

    Please, note that you can use your posts whenever you want. For example, if you buy 4 posts and want to use them only on festive occasions to offer any special discounts etc. Therefore, once you buy the packages, you can use them anytime around the year.

    Disclaimer: Number of view, likes, comments and shares can vary depending upon how interesting/relevant/compelling your content is.

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