How to Use Sales Copies to Generate Sales Queries

Studies have proved Web users tend to spend a couple of seconds to decide its relevance to their needs. Therefore, as a web copywriter, you have only a couple of seconds to make that VERY first impression! In fact, this is the first thing that’s critical to your prospects’ interaction.

Writing effective sales copies is a critical tool that helps your web visitors convert by influencing their behavior. Unlike articles, sales copies need to be concise and persuasive to the point of enticing a visitor into interacting with you, i.e place a query.

Studies have proved Web users tend to spend a couple of seconds to decide its relevance to their needs. Therefore, as a web copywriter, you have only a couple of seconds to make that VERY first impression! In fact, this is the first thing that’s critical to your prospects’ interaction.

So, essentially, there are couple of things a web copywriter is supposed to remember while writing a sales copy.

How to Make the Very First Impression on the Potential Visitors

The answer is very simple; in fact all web copywriters know the answer: to write a killer title for the page. However, the problem is to know how to write one. Many copy writers tend to assume a title is essentially a gist of what you want to say about the particular page, which is a myth at best. Often times, your visitors are already educated about your products and then have just a couple of minutes to take a decision whether to buy your products or not. So, you don’t need to educate them on the needs to buy our products any further.

Instead, it’s your moment to tell them why they should choose you services and you have to tell them using just a couple of words, i.e., the title. The key to write a killer title is to understand the USPs of your services and let your title carry at least one of those USPs. Before you even begin to build the title, take some time to jot down the Unique Selling Points of your services especially with regards to your competitors. This helps you come up with the title that is not only persuasive but also convincing enough to tell your prospects whey they should choose you over the competitors.

How to Make Them Spend More Than Just A Couple of Seconds

Writing a web sales copy goes much beyond your ability to write good English grammar. In fact, it’s less about the grammar and more about what’s on offer. As a web copy writer you MUST understand the products inside out before you even begin to tell your prospects why they should buy them. Every prospect has some queries running in their head when they land on your website landing page.

Try to imagine the scenarios that triggered a prospect to come looking for your services. Is he frustrated of using services that are ineffective for his purposes? Is he tired of the fake or tall promises made by his previous vendors that never turned out real? Make no mistake; if you use a generic sales pitch, you might end up losing his trust in the first couple of seconds. As a result, he will turn his back on you and move on to your competitors websites for relief.

Try starting your first lines in a way that address the emotional state of your prospects, and then let it flow. A lot depends on how much research you do on understanding the types of prospects that might land on your website. The more you understand your customers’ emotional disposition as they land on your website, the greater are your chances of keeping them engaged until the last word of your sales copy.

How to Make Them Read Your First Paragraph

You must develop the knack of addressing potential queries that your prospects may have running their head while they read your first line. You can’t afford to tell your customers why you think they should buy your products; instead, tell them why they stand to lose if they chose to go with others. The key, as we discussed earlier, is in laying down the USPs of your services. USPs could be about the effectiveness of your products, the competitive prices, the guarantee (if any), or even the money back guarantee.

For example, if you are selling SEO services, your USPs could also include your ability to save your customers’ time by introducing innovating reporting system or resolving customers’ queries as and when they are sent. Based on how competitive you think you are, you can hit home the USPs accordingly.

Technically, your prospects are more interested in knowing what’s on offer and how different your services are from others. Pricing is not always the only deciding factor for many, and remember, sometimes customers come to you frustrated over their last vendor’s inability to communicate or report professionally.

Use your words efficiently to address the potential queries of your prospects and then explain how you can help with your services with your USPs.

How to Make Them Read the Entire Sales Copy

The most important skill of a web copy writer is to know how to respect the time of his potential readers. You can’t afford to beat around the bush and kill their valuable time. Instead, use simple words to tell them what they stand to benefit if they use your services. You might want to outline the benefits in bullet formats to make them visibly stand out for your prospects. If any of your prospects, for example, has little time to spare on your web copy, they might as well just want to know what’s on offer. Even though you explain each benefit to them, don’t take more than 25 words to describe each benefit.

Moreover, just tell them how it’s going to help their overall business goal. For example, you could say you’re available on phone, emails, social channels to address their queries as and when they’re asked because you know how valuable their time is and what it means to you. Doing this will create instant credibility for your services and the customers usually value this to a large extent.

How to Make Them Take An Action

When you have done all hard work to convince the prospects and brought them to the end of your sales copy, don’t blow it!

Create an effective call-to-action to ensure the customer interaction.

Traditionally, call-to-action was just a couple of imperative sentences to entice the prospects to click on the contact us page and send a sales query. You MUST do the same, although this many not be enough for them to complete the action.

Today, thanks to the emergence of social channels, you could do it in many ways. Most of the prospects find writing a chore, so you could save them the pain and use social plugins to help them interact with you at the click of a mouse.

Better still, you can offer them multiple options to choose from a drop-down menu, for example. This creates a great ambiance for customer interaction. You can add Facebook Like or Tweet Button to ensure they share the page which builds better visibility of your sales copy across social channels.

Writing a sales copy requires deliberation, planning and research and frequent revision. It’s much like how they rehearse it over and over again before the final board-room presentations. The goal is to impress the client and seal the deal, within a couple of minutes. More importantly, web copywriters should know it takes regular writing practices to come up with better results in their next sales copy.

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