SEO Content Writing Training

The most reliable, comprehensive and job-oriented SEO Content Writing Training in Bhubaneswar.


Our SEO Content Writing Training is on hold at the moment. Therefore, We’re not accepting any applications at this point.

With the growing popularity of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO content writing has become one of the lucrative career options for professionals who aspire for a long-term fulfilling career in Digital Marketing. There is dearth of quality content writers across many cities in India, including Bhubaneswar. Hence, a short-term training in SEO content writing will help you a great deal in optimizing your writing skills from SEO perspective.

Our course is designed to help you hone your writing skills from SEO standpoint and enable you to pursue a career in SEO Content Writing. It will help you become fully familiar with SEO content writing guidelines, do’s and don’ts, and best practices. We cover the entire gamut of content writing practically required in the file of Digital Marketing. Whether you want to write impressive emails for Prospective Client Acquisition or drafting SEO Audit Reports or crafting compelling Call to Actions, this course will help you get there.

Highlights of Content Writing Training

# Evaluating writing skills and offering feedback on the same

# Types of SEO Content pieces and their best practices

# SEO Guidelines for Content Writers

# Technical Aspects of SEO Content Writing

# Content Writing, Publishing, Proofreading Tools

# Pursuing a Career in Content Writing

Course Contents

# Article Writing

# Blog Writing

# Sales Copy Writing

# Press Release Writing

# Product Descriptions Writing

# Product Reviews Writing

# Meta Title & Description Writing

# Email Articulation

  • SEO Audit Report Writing
  • PCF Email Writing
  • Monthly Report Writing

# Writing for Facebook & Twitter

Course Duration: 2 months (3 hours per session, 24 sessions)

Will I Get Any Training/Experience Certificate?

Yes. All our trainees will be given a certificate by the company at the end of the course.

Will There Be Any Test for Certification?

No. We don’t conduct any test as such. However, we audit your performance on a weekly basis and let you know whether you’re right on track or falling behind. This offers the candidates ample insight.

Course Fees – Rs. 18,000/-

How to Get Started

Please, complete the registration form below with your name, email address and phone number, and we will get back in touch with you soon.