5 Must-Avoid Mistakes of Hiring An SEO Copywriter in India

Your website is setup and you need an SEO

Your website is setup and you need an SEO copywriter urgently. You google for an SEO copywriter in India as your primary concern is to cut costs. Your search throws up some really irresistible and enticing results from freelance writers forums and freelancers masquerading as SEO copywriting firms. Are you going to hire one of those in a hurry? Or, would you rather hold off on your temptations and run a background research before you risk hiring another lousy SEO copywriter?

If you don’t know what to do next, the following tips can save your life:

Hiring Through Bidding Sites – Bidding sites are essentially the breeding ground for many raw freelance writers who eye on making some money from writing as a part-time activity. Many inexperienced newbie freelancer writers lurk around the free bidding sites looking for some work. They are usually not serous about taking up writing as their profession, or equipped with the proficiency and SEO copywriting skills to deliver decent content for your campaign. No wonder, they keep the prices shockingly low for you to fall for them. Before you are going to hire one of them, ask yourself a question – can this SEO copywriter help me succeed in my business? Am I saving money or just throwing it out of my window altogether? Chances are you will end up doing a disservice to your SEO campaign by hiring one of them.

Hiring Freelance Writers – Well, hiring freelance writers is actually a smart option for many western countries that prefer outsourcing their content writing projects to India. However, your ability to hire a professional freelance writer can make a critical difference to your SEO campaign. Are you going to settle for someone who is just a freelance writer? If you ever meet anyone who has born the brunt of hiring just a freelancer, you will know what hiring an average SEO content writer can cost your business. Don’t risk wasting time or toying with the credibility of audience. Research well before hiring a freelance SEO copywriter in India.

Hiring A Fake Firm – Many freelancer writers who join the SEO content writing jungle know the game to trick you into hiring them right away. Usually, they would pretend to be an SEO copywriters’ firm who exist since a decade and whose combined experience would be as old as two decades. You could be fooling yourself into believing the fake claims smartly presented by these freelance writes who never even own a website. Most of them wouldn’t even have a blog of their own! Would you risk hiring a freelance writer who resorts to false claims in the first place? Do the wise thing and ask if they have a website for their SEO copywriters’ firm.

Paying Full in Advance – This is usually the case when you enter the bizarre SEO copywriting head-hunting hinterland. This often happens with webmasters who are in a hurry to hire SEO copywriters with suggestively low prices. Usually, these SEO copywriters ask for a full upfront payment since they offer their services at such a shockingly lower price range. However, an upfront payment option is never a wise option especially when you’re hiring someone for the first time. May be a small amount, but you could risk losing the entire payment to your vendor for no work at all. But this happens in rare cases. Nevertheless, being careful saves a lot of regret.

Another way to secure your payment is to see if your freelance SEO copywriter has, for example, a verified PayPal account. A verified PayPal account usually empowers you to claim a refund from the vendor in the event of any default on terms of services.

Not Checking Testimonials: Client Testimonials are usually the best way to ensure the authenticity of a professional, experienced and skilled writer. A freelance SEO copywriter who doesn’t have any client’s testimonial to his credit doesn’t merit your serious consideration. Even though they mention some testimonials to you, make sure you verify their credibility by checking reference websites or contacting the clients directly for a comment on the services offered by them. It may sound like a lot of work to you, but it sure saves you from a lot of regret in the long-run.

If you ever had any nightmarish experience hiring a freelance SEO Copywriter in India, share it with us here to increase the community awareness.

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